Removing pests, vermin, bugs and rodents from homes across London

Has your house got a bug infestation? Do you need wasps or ants eradicating

from your home? Is your property being overrun with bed bugs or cockroaches?

Whichever situation you find yourself in, NO PEST-ERING LTD can provide you with

just what you need; top quality and affordable pest control services.

Even the cleanest of properties can become infested with all kinds of

creepy crawlies, rodents, birds and so many more that the

list can seem endless. It's an intrusion that can cause worry, fear and

disgust leading to concern about potential health hazards.


The reasons are clear- pests carry transferable diseases,

leave droppings and other debris, spread bacteria

(which can lead to food poisoning) and they will eat your food!

That's right, it isn't just commercial premises that suffer with pest problems!

However, no pest can withstand concerted and persistent controls

that help to eliminate and prevent future problems. 

Are you finding mouse droppings in your shop? Do you think you might have cockroaches in your kitchen?

Are rats proving to be a persistent problem near your café?

NO PEST-ERING LTD recognises that people's habits and behaviour

are constantly changing and not always for the best! Unwanted pests are constantly adapting to this changing environment, taking advantage of unhygienic areas,

careless storage or disposal of food and waste.

We can help you to fight back against these creepy crawlies, vermin and rodents with very effective pest control methods. We have been effectively tackling all types of pest problems for years and we are delighted to have established an excellent reputation for providing a professional and comprehensive service which is tailored to meet your business' requirements.


Our commitment to putting our customers' needs before short term profit has brought a loyalty which has resulted in the lowest contract cancellation rate of any company in our sector.

We are members of the National Pest Technicians Association and we hold the necessary public liability insurance. All of our contract customers receive a comprehensive report book enabling them to demonstrate due diligence and satisfy Environmental Health Officers in the event of a visit.

So don't think that you cannot win the battle with these pests, call us today to find out how we can help you and your business.

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